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Could this be poison for your soul?

Posted: 22. February 2019 by Ramona

Can we have a soul talk today? I just want to take today and raise a few questions. Is that ok with you?

Have you ever watched a romantic comedy, completely fallen in love with the male character and totally obsessed over the romance of that movie for weeks?

… me too.

But if you have read any of my posts about spending time alone or my Valentine’s Day post you will find that there are not a lot of romantic movies on those movie lists. The reason is not that I don’t like romantic movies. In fact I love romantic movies and love Pride & Prejudice on any given day.

I just wonder how good they are for the soul especially if you are single. That is the reason for my soul talk today.

I believe whatever we feed our mind with through the eyes, ears and thoughts will have an influence on our soul.

soul talk

Soul talk

So here are my questions. Do you have unattainable expectations when it comes to love, romance and relationships? Has Hollywood distorted your view on love?

Do you feel happy, sad, disappointed or lonely after watching a romantic movie? What kind of thoughts linger?

What music do you fill your soul with? What are the lyrics and what do they tell you about love? What books do you read and how do they make you feel?

I know those are quite a few questions but I want us to do this exercise together and actually answer them. Now, there is nothing wrong with romantic movies, books or music. I just want us to take care of our soul and sometimes it is good to take a break from them in order to heal.

When we are answering those questions I don’t want us to crush our dreams because I believe in dreaming and setting high standards. It is more about our soul than anything.

So let’s take out our journals and start writing.

Much love


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