maximize your singleness

Maximize your singleness and other favorite things

Posted: 15. February 2019 by Ramona

The last few days the temperatures got up pretty high and the air had hints of spring in it. It was perfect. On my bike ride home the other day I listened to a sermon about singleness and what really got me was the fact that you should maximize your singleness.

I will write about this more in the coming weeks but today I just want to share with you some of my favorite things from the web. While you enjoy these I am probably on my bike watching the sun rise.

maximize your singleness

Maximize your singleness and more

This list of nightstand essentials keeps reminding me that I finally need to ban my phone from the bedroom and start using an actual alarm clock.

I made these stuffed sweet potatoes with my flat mate last night to celebrate Galentine’s Day and they were so so good!

We also watched this very untypical Valentine’s Day movie because we can and because we wanted to. It was also groundbreaking when it first came out and I still love it.

The packaging of these chocolate bars had me swooning all day long.

Maximize your singleness. YES YES YES! I believe we are still single as long as we are not married. I wrote about this here. This sermon is so so good. My friend had recommended it to me last year and I finally got around to listening to it.

This husband and wife duo are litteraly #goals when it comes to taking pictures!

These pictures make me want to go to Japan now.

I already said this here but I am currently reading this trilogy and I am not even embarrassed by it.

This playlist is quite literally on repeat. It also has this album on it that I simply can’t get enough of.

Have an awesome day, friends and more about the whole maximize your singleness coming soon.

Much love


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