set the past on fire

Set your past on fire

Posted: 12. January 2019 by Ramona

Last week I wrote about moving into the New Year without being stuck. Sometimes though we are so stuck by things from the past that we have to set the past on fire.

I don’t mean actually making a bonfire and burning our belongings although and nice bonfire is always a good idea.
What I mean is leaving the past behind: old ways of thinking or beliefs you have about yourself and sometimes even people.

Moving into this New Year I am realizing that I need to burn my bad track record of liking guys. I will talk about this more in details next week, but for now let’s just say that since the summer I have realized that I am actually scared of liking someone because I have been disappointed so many times by the so called “almost romances”.

But moving forward I am realizing that even in order to be a happy single I absolutely have to burn this thought, this idea. I basically have to set the past of unrequited love on fire.

set the past on fire

Why am I telling you this? Well because maybe there are things in your past which you need to set on fire in order to make 2019 awesome and the best year yet. I am also telling you this so we can be in this together and encourage one another. The past may give us good material for the future but we have to let go of things or words, which have been spoken, that are pure poison for our soul. Because you are enough. You are wanted. You have what it takes. You are lovely and beautiful and a masterpiece.

I want to close out this blog today with another quote from the book “The last arrow”. It just so good and I feel I have to keep sharing from it:

The journey into our best future always passes through the furnace. The fire both forges us into who we must become and frees us to live the lives for which we were created.

This really encouraged me. Maybe you are going through a pretty tough season now where all your dreams, desires and passion seem to be burning away. But I believe you are being refined to become the absolute best version of yourself. And friend, I cannot wait to see and hear what this year will bring. I have a feeling it is going to be a really good one.

So, are you ready and willing to set the past on fire?

Much love


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