make 2019 awesome

Make 2019 awesome

Posted: 4. January 2019 by Ramona

Welcome to 2019, friends! How did we even get here? This time around it felt like the New Year just kind of crept up on me and BAM there it was. But I do want to make 2019 awesome and so of course I sat down and reviewed the last year thinking about what I want for the New Year.

Because: Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?

I know there are kind of two types of people out there: The ones who claim to not care about a New Year starting because “We should set goals and move forward every day of the year” and the ones who are like “New Year new me”.
I find myself somewhere in the middle. I do believe in setting goals every day but the New Year also always seems fresh and I want to make the New Year awesome. I want to make 2019 awesome and meaningful and the best year yet.

Now, regardless of whether or not you are making New Year’s resolutions a new year is in a way the beginning of a new cycle from January to December all over again. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Day in and day out.

But the question is, are we going to just repeat the cycle get stuck in it do things as we always do them? This can even mean, planning the year like we always do or setting the same goals or whatever is you do.

Or are we moving forward into the future?

I read something in the book The last arrow which really got me thinking and so I wanted to share it with you:

„Every day you will have to choose between living in the past, staying in the present, or creating a future. The great danger lies in that the easy path is to hold on to what you know, cling to what you have, and make the future an extension of the past. Though there is no way to stop time, you have to choose the future. Although you are grounded in the past, you must not be grounded by the past. And while tomorrow is coming regardless of what you do, the future come because of what you do.“

make 2019 awesome

How to make 2019 awesome

  1. Decide to see the things around you with fresh eyes. This might come by trying new things, deciding to be spontaneous or by being less judgmental.
  2. Try out new things. Be bold. Be adventurous, put yourself out there. I know it might seem scary and risky and you don’t know what is going to happen. But always being in control can be so toxic. Believe me… I have been there and it is no fun because you will start judging people and you will start thinking about them in a negative way.
  3. Be kind. Throw it like confetti. Instead of holding on to the pain. Forgive. Let go.
  4. Travel even if it is just 100km away from where you live. This is a big one for me because I know by traveling my eyes will be opened to things I didn’t know before. My heart will soften and I will make memories instead of getting stuck in the same old same old.

So with that being said. Let’s make 2019 awesome. Let’s make this the best year yet. The year we find love in unexpected ways. The year we make new friends. The year we share our hearts more, risk more, travel more and live more. Because the future happens now and we have a choice. That is a beautiful thing, friend.

Happy New Year and much love


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