Why you don’t have to be alone on Christmas

Posted: 21. December 2018 by Ramona

Can you believe that it’s only a few more days until Christmas? The Christmas spirit (and I don’t mean the one from the movie) has moved in and there’s Christmas music playing, sugar and spice everywhere and almost all the gifts are wrapped. But maybe you find yourself kind of alone on Christmas this year and I want to encourage you today.

If you’re new to this blog I first would like to say that I personally love being alone and don’t mind it at all. I also believe it is something we can learn to enjoy. But I know that being single on Christmas can be hard especially if you really are alone on Christmas or if you feel alone both of which can be really tough.

So I would really like to touch on both of these situations:


Being alone on Christmas and feeling alone on Christmas

If you really have absolutely no one to spend Christmas with because everybody already has different plans or is gone or you are somewhere and cannot travel home. I mean you really have tried everything. Because sometimes we think we have tried everything but are too shy to ask that one friend to spend it with or think that somebody has to invite us. I know asking for something is out of our comfort zone but I believe you can do it. Maybe it is time for you to invite some of those other friends over and have an open house for them. It will help you not being alone and it will help another person.

But if none of these things work I still believe you can have an amazing Christmas this year. Maybe I will sound naïve saying all those things I am about to say but this is what I would do if I were completely alone. I would think of what my favorite things are like, cooking, watching a movie, reading etc. and I would do all of those on Christmas. I would put together an epic meal, watch my favorite movies, take a bath, and give myself a gift and maybe even dance in my apartment. That by the way is what I almost did last year for New Year’s but more on that next week.

If you however find yourself in a situation where you are surrounded by people and still feel alone on Christmas this year… I totally get it because I know how if feels like to be surrounded by people and still feel lonely. I have felt it many times and still do sometimes. The only problem with that is that we can start spinning the cycle and then it will be really hard to get out. I will say that it is ok to feel that way but let’s not stay there. I have before and I cried driving home even though it was a fantastic night and the company was amazing. In those moments I start talking with God and really try to let it all go. I know why I feel lonely and it is because of the dreams I have. In this moment we need to speak out the things that we are grateful for, the people we are thankful for. That is how we can break the cycle.

There is one more thing I would like to say about being and feeling alone on Christmas. Maybe the reason you are alone or feel alone is because you have built up walls towards the people around you and it is blocking your heart from feeling included and loved. Can I encourage you to tear down these walls and forgive? Let go of the bitterness and the hurt. Forgiveness by the way is about you more than it is about the person who offended you.

With that being said I wish we could go more in depth with all of this. I wish we could sit down and have a personal conversation about it all. But I am sitting here writing surrounded by coffee, wrapping paper and sugar and you are sitting on the other side of a screen. But I created this table which you can be part of so we can have a real conversation. I would love to hear from you.

Now, friends, I wish you the best and happiest of Christmas either with friends and family or if you are alone this Christmas I am sending you a virtual hug. Enjoy every second; remember why we celebrate and why we give.

Much love


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