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The 2018 Christmas Giveaway

Posted: 14. December 2018 by Ramona

Last week in my gift guide we talked all about meaningful gifts. There were gifts from spending time with someone to gifts that actually give back or give twice. In order to practice what I talk about and also because giving is just awesome I decided to create the tableseasons 2018 Christmas Giveaway.

This Christmas giveaway is not sponsored and I do not get anything other than the beautiful feeling of fulfillment for blessing someone.

Obviously I love coffee but to me it is more than just a pick me up in the morning. It is about the whole ritual that comes with drinking coffee like grinding the beans, heating the water, pouring the coffee, smelling the coffee… I am getting carried away…

christmas giveawayWhen I discovered Coffee Circle I was completely sold because not only is their coffee AMAAAZIIINNG but it actually does give twice. Coffee Circle works directly with the farmers so they get a better pay. They also started all kinds of initiatives. With every kilogram coffee they sells you support an initiative in the region the coffee is from. I absolutely LOVE THIS!!!!

And because I love this so much I want to gift one person a 3 month coffee subscription with Coffee Circle (CLOSED).

If you’re thinking now, Ramona I do not like coffee… don’t worry… you can actually give this to somebody else.  That way this gift will actually give back even more. And how awesome would that be!

Much love


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