Why you don’t have to be alone on Christmas

Posted: 21. December 2018

Can you believe that it’s only a few more days until Christmas? The Christmas spirit (and I don’t mean the one from the movie) has moved in and there’s Christmas music playing, sugar and spice everywhere and almost all the gifts are wrapped. But maybe you find yourself kind of alone on Christmas this year and I want to encourage you today. I am also announcing the Christmas giveaway winner.

christmas giveaway

The 2018 Christmas Giveaway

Posted: 14. December 2018

Last week in my gift guide we talked all about meaningful gifts. There were gifts from spending time with someone to gifts that actually give back or give twice. In order to practice what I talk about and also because giving is just awesome I decided to create the tableseasons 2018 Christmas Giveaway. I want to gift one person a 3 month coffee subscription with Coffee Circle.

gift guide for meaningful giving

Gift guide for meaningful giving

Posted: 7. December 2018

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed with Christmas gifts? Like everybody is telling you what to give and somehow it becomes this large things which isn’t really fun anymore and only pressure? Me too which is why I am sharing my gift guide for meaningful giving with you today. It has all kinds of ideas from food to wellness to books including Shakespeare’s Star Wars and date night ideas.