how to enjoy Christmas as a single

How to enjoy Christmas as a single

Posted: 30. November 2018 by Ramona

Personally I love the Christmas season. Always have. I’m going to get the tree tomorrow, make a wreath and possibly bake some cookies. And yes I have already watched “The Princess switch” twice. What can I say… I am a hopeless romantic. But I know that is not the case for everybody. Maybe the Christmas season always shines a light on the fact that you are still single. I totally get it and it is the reason I want to share from my heart how to enjoy Christmas as a single.

Can I start off by saying that a lot of times Christmas is reduced to the love between two people. That´s what all the songs are about and all the movies are about. Don´t get me wrong. I am a total sucker for the Hallmark Christmas movies but that is not what Christmas is really about. Yes it is about love. But it is about a love that is so much deeper, better and more unconditional than you could ever imagine and that is the main reason why you can be happy and celebrate Christmas full of joy. God gave His only son out of love for all humanity. The greatest gift ever made. The perfect love.

how to enjoy Christmas as a singleBut I do understand that we have feelings. I have feelings and believe me I have moments during the Christmas time which make me sad that I cannot stroll the Christmas markets with a guy or I see pictures like this and on one hand start dreaming and on the other start crying.

In fact last year I wanted to go to this very special Christmas market and nobody had time to go with me but I really wanted to go and so I decided to go by myself to proof something to myself. I cried all the way driving there. I felt so lonely and alone. But I didn’t turn around. I stopped crying, got out of the car and walked to the market. Alone. But the best thing happened. I ran into a few friends who invited me to hang out with them and I stayed for hours having the best time. And no you don´t have to go to the Christmas market by yourself. Don´t worry. That is not my how to enjoy Christmas as a single.

So, how can Christmas as a single be fun and good and enjoyable. Can I make it practical for you?

How to enjoy Christmas as a single


We rise by lifting others

Please understand that what I am about to say is meant full of love and not to put you down. Ok? Instead of making it all about you and being lonely why don’t you go and do something good for somebody else. I promise you right here and now that the moment you look away from your own struggle and focus on somebody else you will feel better. You will feel lifted. We sometimes get into this “victim mentality” and trust me I have been there. But serving somebody else is the best thing to get out of that mentality. It can be as small as inviting your neighbor for coffee and as big as volunteering for an organization.

Throw a party

The best cure against loneliness is being with people. Too simple? Well let me put it this way. Being single means putting extra effort into friendships. So cultivate your friendships. Invest time and effort in them. Throw a party! And it doesn’t matter if it is for 2 or for 20. My friend and I started a tradition years ago to throw a Christmas party every year where we open our doors and just invite people. It’s one of my favorite times of the season. And you can even do that as an introvert or if you’re not a people person.

Be romantic with yourself

Yes I just said that. Let me explain. Just because you’re single or you live alone does not mean that you cannot have the best time. Get yourself a Christmas tree. Make you own tradition. I will get my tree tomorrow and then I will decorate the apartment, listen to Christmas music, watch The Elf and probably bake some cookies. And it will be fun and I know I won’t feel lonely or sad because I honestly believe that I am preparing my heart for that one day when I actually will share all of it with a husband.

And with that I want to conclude my how to enjoy Christmas as a single. By enjoying it now I believe we will enjoy it even more one day when we have our own family. It is about protecting our heart and at the same time putting it out there, offering it. And that is not an oxymoron. It is possible. And it is beautiful.

I would love to chat wtih you some more about this subject so why don’t you let me know how you do being single during the Christmas time down in the comments.

Much love, friends


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