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One of the most helpful podcasts, good music and other favorite things

Posted: 16. November 2018 by Ramona

Can you believe that we’re already at the tail end of November? Time is passing so quickly and I am trying to enjoy every second of it. And in order to do that I want to share with you not only one of the most helpful podcasts as of late but also a few other beautiful things I have come across this Fall.

So while you enjoy these links from the Internet I am dreaming of having a cheese plate like the one above. Maybe I´ll recreate it for some friends who come over next week.

On another note: I am working on a non-commercial gift guide. Would that be something you´re interested in? Just send a quick thumbs up in the comments below.

most helpful podcastOne of the most helpful podcasts and more…

I cry every single time I watch this youtube video. It also makes me want to travel to Tonga
Researching this book for the best recipes for my second friendsgiving this years
The best place to order your Christmas cards. I have ordered mine there for several years and the quality is amazing
Learning about the power of the mind from a neuroscientist. It’s truly one of the most helpful podcasts of late. Especially the series about ADD and ADHS. And it´s only 15 minutes long.
I still dream of staying in this hotel.
If you’ve never seen this movie… go watch it as soon as possible
This album is on repeat

Have a wonderful Friday, friends

Much love

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