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Centerpiece tutorial for your Friendsgiving table (easy)

Posted: 9. November 2018 by Ramona

Let me start this post by saying: I don’t like crafting. I don’t enjoy working creatively that way. But a bunch of flowers or greenery makes me really happy and I love working with them. Since our Friendsgiving table looked so pretty I thought I would share a super easy centerpiece tutorial with you.
I love that a bunch of flowers can transform any table. I personally love a very unpolished wild and natural kind of look, which is why I usually get a variety of mixed greens and berries and grass from a local flower shop, and create whatever I feel like.
Well, enough said, here´s the tutorial:

centerpiece tutorialCenterpiece tutorial for Friendsgiving, thanksgiving or any dinner party

What you need:
– a table runner. I got this one from Etsy.
– a big bunch of greens. I chose olive branches but eucalyptus would look really pretty too
– rose hip branches. But any other berry branches would be awesome. I think white berries are really pretty too.
– different kinds of grasses. Some had little blossom others were really feathery
As you can tell I don’t know the names of the grass because I simply walked into the flower shop and just looked around and picked what I like. In Germany at least it helps to look behind the counter to see what the florists use as bouquet fillers. That is usually my first go to.
– pruners
– 4-5  30 cm long pieces of green chicken wire (I learned this trick from my friend the day off. It helps everything to stay together)

– start with the table runner and lay it on the table whichever way you like it
– form you chicken wire and place in a loose form on your table. It we will the foundation for everything else
– start with the greens. Cut them into smaller branches and stick into the holes of the chicken wire trying to cover it up mostly. Try to make it as pretty and natural as you can with ends coming out here and there
– next cut the rose hip into smaller pieces and start adding them to the greens
– lastly add highlights wherever you can with the different grasses . We left some pretty looking grass out to put on the plates as little decorations.
– Add some candleholders where you like to give everything a little more height and voilà you have a beautiful centerpiece for your friendsgiving table.

centerpiece tutorialcenterpiece tutorialcenterpiece tutorialcenterpiece tutorial centerpiece tutorialI really hope you liked this centerpiece tutorial. I hope it took away some fear to create a pretty floral arrangement and inspired you to make your table even prettier. If you liked this tutorial would you click the little heart to let me know or better yet leave a comment. It would mean the world to me.
Until next time.

Much love


centerpiece tutorial

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