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Why and how you should throw a Friendsgiving Feast + a GIVEAWAY

Posted: 2. November 2018 by Ramona

You guys it’s official! I kicked off party season with this awesome friendsgiving dinner together with my beautiful and awesome friends from ZWEI Design. And I think you should also throw a friendsgiving feast! Here´s why:

throw a friendsgiving feastFriendsgiving is one of my favorite gatherings every single year and I have done it for quite a few years now but I have also  never made a turkey on Friendsgiving…

I believe the table is such a beautiful place for people to come together to share life and friendship and everything in between. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be as simple as you like it to be as long as you gather. So my hope with this post is to really encourage you to gather your friends and celebrate them by serving them with a beautiful evening and delicious food.

throw a friendsgiving feastthrow a friendsgiving feast throw a friendsgiving feast It is a lot easier than you think because you don’t have to make turkey or anything traditional. So there’s no pressure there. You can make pasta if you want to.

To make this a little more practical for you.

These are the 3 main components when I throw a friendsgiving feast

  1. The people
  2. The food
  3. The table

Combine that with good music and candlelight and you’ve got yourself a night to remember.

throw a friendsgiving feast throw a friendsgiving feast throw a friendsgiving feast This year`s dinner was inspired by my time at the Atlantic coast near Bordeaux. So I wanted it to feel like you’re watching the ocean ebb and flow. I wanted it to feel and taste light and easy and natural and it actually turned out to be pretty healthy too. What a bonus for a feast!

On the menu we had fish and seafood, bread and butter and earthy tastes like fennel all rounded up by a not too sweet pear, blueberry & rosemary galette.

For the decorations I got this beautiful dusty blue gauze table runner on Etsy and Talitha and I put together this centerpiece with olive branches, rosehip and other grass I got from a local flower shop. And then we filled up the table with ZWEI Design’s standup candleholders.

It was such a beautiful afternoon filled with laughter and creativity and friendship. And as always we ended it by sharing what we’re thankful for.

throw a friendsgiving feastthrow a friendsgiving feastthrow a friendsgiving feast throw a friendsgiving feast throw a friendsgiving feastNow… I wouldn’t want to finish this post without giving you all the tools you would need to throw a friendsgiving feast yourself. So I put together a guide including all the recipes, a schedule of preparing all the food and a free printable menu card you can put on each place. You can get that here.

But that is not all. Drumroll please!!! I am giving away a Standup Candle holder by ZWEI Design in brass with a blue maple donut. All you have to do is follow them and me on instagram and leave a comment below and let me know what you’re thankful for and that you want the candleholder. The giveaway will end November, 8 2018.

And I totally want to see all your pictures when you throw a friendsgiving feast yourself. Just use the #tableseasons.

Happy Friendsgiving and much love


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