spending time alone

I had a date

Posted: 12. October 2018 by Ramona

… well it`s not what you´re thinking right now. I had a date with myself and it was a real challenge so I am going to challenge you today in Part 2 of

Spending time alone

spending time alone

It is one thing to like being by yourself at home with a good movie or a bath or whatever it is you like doing when you´re spending time alone.
But going out by yourself is a whole other thing. Well at least it was for me. It all started when my friend was playing music at this really cool restaurant but nobody had time to go with me. My will to go was much bigger than my fear of sitting at a table by myself.
And so I went. For me the worst thing is always walking inside when everybody`s looking or so it feels like. But this time I walked in and met my friend`s friends and hung out with new people all evening. I wasn´t even alone but came with an open heart and made new friends. The next time I went I met even more new people and going by myself became just a little bit easier.
Last year when I traveled by myself for quite a bit I also ate at restaurants alone a lot. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous every single time I went out for a nice dinner only to sit by myself. So here`s what I did:

  • I looked for restaurants that were so pretty I just had to go
  • I pretended to be confident when I walked in (fake it till you make it, right)
  • I almost always opted for the bar instead of a table to not be as exposed. Plus that way you can always start a conversation with people next to you or with whoever is working behind the bar.

I met new people every single time. One time I had a conversation with 2 guys for 2 hours and even shared dessert at the end of the evening and another time the girl who was serving breakfast and I got along so well she just joined me at my table and we shared our stories.

Why am I telling you all this? Am I just trying to convince you that spending time alone is so much better? Don’t worry friend, I watched “Into the wild” and as much as I like spending time alone it’s not what I am promoting in that sense. I do believe that spending time alone however is necessary and especially as singles it is a good thing to learn. But here’s the thing: I want to live an open and wide life with lots of room for people. I want to pour my heart and soul out to people but that means that every once in a while I need to retreat, refresh and spend time alone. And sometimes that looks like challenging myself to go out by myself.

So here comes my challenge… you’re going to like it: I want you to go out by yourself for coffee, dinner, you name it. And I want you to take a picture and use the #tableseasons or tag me in it. I want to read and hear your story about it.

Who’s in?

Much love


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