giving up on plans

I never wanted to be here – telling the truth

Posted: 28. September 2018 by Ramona

I had a plan. It had always been there. Graduate highschool, go to college, get married at 21, have kids by 24, be romantic, travel the world, change my world and have the best time. But I gave up on that plan pretty much at 21 when I got out of a really bad relationship.

giving up on plansThe whole healing process after that was so good and really helped me find my purpose. I had new dreams and a newfound freedom and clarity. What followed next was a series of well, let’s call them “almost romances” which messed up some of my dreams but ultimately made me the person I am today: Vulnerable, single, full of dreams, able to spend time by myself and ok with the desire still being there.

The truth is that lately I have found myself saying, “why is this happening? This wasn’t the plan. Why am I here?”
I actually had to remind myself that giving up on plans was the best thing because I wouldn’t be where I am today otherwise. I had to remind myself that plans change and that the future doesn’t always look exactly how we imagine. But I also reminded myself that God’s plans are so much better than I can imagine and even if I don’t understand them I cannot wait to look back in 5 years to today and see how it was all working out for good and that giving up on plans I had made was the best thing that could’ve happened to me.

In all honesty I just want to let you know that you will be ok. That whatever season you are in you will get through it. I want to tell you that yes, plans are good (take it from a planner) but it’s ok to let go. They are not everything and sometimes we need to derail from the plan to find beauty and healing and wholeness.

Well, my friend that is really all I wanted to share with you today because I really feel like we’re in this together.

Much love


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