Spending time alone Part 1 – Making it enjoyable

Posted: 21. September 2018 by Ramona

Spending time aloneLet me tell you a little bit about this picture. It was in the middle of my 2 week road trip last summer which I took by myself. I stayed in this cabin off the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was very quiet. Just me, the forest, North Carolina rain and this cabin. I’ll be honest with you. The first 30 minutes were hard. Would spending time alone in this cabin be filled with fear? Nobody knew where I was. I had no Internet and no cellphone connection and had been driving all day.

But I was finally there. A destination of a dream and I wasn’t going to let fear get the best of me. After driving 20 minutes into town, getting Internet and telling a few people where I was I felt at peace and ready for the silence.

Spending time alone

Spending time aloneThe silence. I think that’s what most people are afraid of when it comes to spending time alone. I believe it is absolutely vital that we learn to be ok to be alone. I think for some people it is kind of hard being alone with their thoughts or maybe they don’t know what to do with themselves when nobody is there.

Which is why I want to do this series on spending time alone. It will cover things from starting to enjoy alone time to actually spending a whole weekend and maybe vacation alone.

Shall we get started?

I am not an introvert. I love being around people. I love talking with people, sharing and I am definitely not an internal processor.

Spending time alone

I had to learn to enjoy spending time alone. The way I did it was making it something special and enjoyable not something which happens to me because nobody wants to spend time with me.

The first tip I could give you is to start small. Maybe it’s an hour. Maybe it’s teatime and cake in the afternoon and all you do is read or watch nature around you. Or maybe it’s a dinner you prepare for yourself. Kind of like a date between you and God. I love that!
Challenge yourself but also make it a treat, something enjoyable.

Another tip, which really helps me, is not just sit around. Be active. For me, that usually means that I prepare food or I decorate something. I don’t craft but maybe you do. Or you go and work out. I love working out alone.

And the last tip I would give you if you really want to enjoy spending time alone is to find a place where you feel safe and comfortable. It will make the whole experience even if it is just for a couple of hours so much more enjoyable.

Friends, I really want to encourage you to carve out alone time. I truly believe it is super important and influences our relationships.

Much love


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