Why I choose to be vulnerable and why you should too

Posted: 14. September 2018 by Ramona

This week I posted a quote by Brené Brown on my instagram about vulnerability that said:

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” vulnerability is key

And somehow it got me thinking about how vulnerability is key to so many other things.

In today’s world it is so easy to hide behind masks and social media channels. It is like a shield and nobody can hurt us.
I remember a few years back coming out of a really bad heartbreak and being faced with the decision to close off my heart or continue to offer my heart. I remember thinking that the only way for me is to go with vulnerability. It is key to continued connection and relationship and trust.

Is it hard? You bet it is. Was I hurt again? Many times. But if I have a good foundation and to me that is my faith then I know who I am and where I belong and that in a way makes it almost easy to be vulnerable because I know I am safe and loved and valued.

So here are 3 reasons why vulnerability is key and why I choose it:

1. it creates connection. By laying down my armory I invite people into my life and make it easy for them to be vulnerable too.
2. It creates trust. Trust has to be earned but it also needs to start somewhere. I believe vulnerability is key in creating trust which is the foundation of relationship.
3. It creates a safe space. When you make yourself vulnerable you are truly yourself and people feel most comfortable with people who are authentic and real and honest.

I want to really encourage you today to choose to be vulnerable. To lay down your shield whatever that shield is in your life and make yourself vulnerable. To be vulnerable is to be brave and courageous and strong and attractive. It is raw and authentic and inviting.

Today I am choosing to be more vulnerable and more authentic and rawer. Who’s with me?

Much love


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