desire to be in a relationship

Dealing with Desire

Posted: 7. September 2018 by Ramona

Last week I was sitting at the beach and there it was. Just very quietly creeping up in my thoughts: The desire. The desire to be in a relationship. The desire to be held. The desire to share the ocean and the beach and the salt and the sand. The desire to hold hands and dream together as we watch the waves rolling.

desire to be in a relationshipThe desire to be in a relationship

Being a happy single does not mean not having it. The desire to be in a relationship and share your life with another person. Because it does come. Most often in unexpected moments and at unexpected times and sometimes even in unexpended ways.
I know it is there. I think it would be weird if it weren’t.

It has always been there. Even as a little girl when we went to Italy for the summer and strolled by the water at night. It was the mix of the risen moon shedding its light ever so softly upon the water and the street lights perfectly aligned by the path we were walking on. I knew it was romantic and I knew I wanted to share this moment with my husband one day.

To this day this has stayed a desire, a dream and I get nostalgic for it. I believe we can be nostalgic for something we have not yet seen or experienced.

What I have learned though is to not beat myself up when those feelings come. They are natural and to deny them would be against my nature. I cannot suppress them. But I don’t have to bathe in them. I don’t have to dwell on them for days, months or years. I let them come. Let them wash over me and dream. Dream of a future I will have. But I don’t get sour or angry or bitter. My time just hasn’t come yet and as it says in The Song of Songs we should not wake up love before it’s ready.

I don’t know how your situation looks like. Maybe you have grown bitter or sad and maybe you think your life isn’t worth anything because you’re alone and single. Can I tell you that it actually is. Your life is worthy. You are worthy. You are loved. You are marvelous and full of potential and full of gifts and talents and the world is just waiting for you to use them and make a difference and make an impact. You are not half a person.

You are a full person. And your life is now. Go use it.

But, how you ask?

Surround yourself with good people
Feed your soul with healthy things
Explore often
Make a difference. Change a life.



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