tips on how to start journaling

Tips on how to start journaling

Posted: 24. August 2018 by Ramona

I’ve been writing a journal since I was probably able to write and I think it is super important to keep track of those dreams which is why I am sharing these tips on how to start journaling today.

My first journals used to start with “Dear Diary” and then went over to me sticking Leonardo DiCaprio pictures in my journals together with all the movie tickets to all the films I saw– true story. But that was when I was a teenager and today I journal quite differently.

Let me preface by saying, that writing a journal does not require writing skills or awesome words or even deep thoughts (shocker – not everybody constantly thinks deep emotional thoughts… I know that). It is simply a way of processing, keeping track and writing things down makes them somehow more tangible.
So let’s get started

tips on how to start journalingTips on how to start journaling

Start small

As with any habit in life you have to start small and start somewhere. There are actually some really great resources out there to help you start a journal. One of them is the Q&A 5 year journal. This will really get you in the habit of writing things down. Or you could start a gratitude journal where you write down 3 things each day you’re thankful for.

Write something every day

This is a great way to start. I once read in Essentialism that when you write down one sentence everyday about something that happened that day it will really help you get started in journaling. I honestly should probably get better at this because this is how you can keep remembering things.

Don’t try to be the best writer

I have talked with people about journaling and they told me they’re not writers. I don’t think you need to be a writer. Just write lists or bullet points or whatever comes to your mind. Write how you talk, how you think. Maybe that’s what you what you should write down anyways. A thought you had that day. Something which sparked your interest. For me I often write down my prayers or a verse I read that spoke to me. And if you’re a feeler like me it really helps process #allthefeels.

I know these tips on how to start journaling are just a quick and easy list but I hope they inspire you to buy a book or start a note on your phone in order to start journaling. Especially as there’s only a few weeks left of summer and we’re heading into the fall. I don’t want you to forget those dreams you had this summer. Write them down, ok?

Much love


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