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How to pack less and explore more

Posted: 17. August 2018 by Ramona

About a year ago I really wanted to learn how to pack less (even less) so I can explore more and don’t have to carry around too much stuff.
I love traveling and I try to plan in strategic small trips throughout the year to see something else. It helps me stay creative and to pack lessBut I honestly get really embarrassed when I’m the one with the large oversized suitcase and the extra carry-on and the backpack. It makes me feel so uncomfortable and I have been that person in the past.
So today at this virtual table we’re all sitting at can we talk about how to pack less when we go out and see the world?

For me it all starts with making a list. If you know me just a little bit you will quickly find out that I love planning my life and making lists. I had to teach this to myself because if I don’t do this I completely lose sight of what is going on, what is going to happen and therefore will not have any margin in my life and I cannot stand that. Also I tend to get lost in my thoughts or distracted which leads to me losing things. And we don’t want that, right? Right!

If you’re not making a list yet maybe that is your next step. How many outfits do you need, what toiletries do you really need? How much other stuff do you really have to bring on that trip? For me it is usually just my passport, tickets and addresses, money, a book, a journal, pens, chargers, my camera and my phone.

But if you want to take it a little bit further in

How to pack less

I found a really great website which will not only challenge you to pack less but actually help you and it really works. I tried it for several different trips and now it is truly my go-to.
The website is called Travel Fashion Girl and they have lists on everything. Lists on different destinations, lists on how to and what clothing and so on and so forth. Here are the three lists I have used and use on a regular:

For weekend trips I use the Minimalist packing list. 6 pieces of clothing is all you need.
For going on my summer vacation or longer trips I use the Essential packing list. 10 pieces of clothing and it works. You might have to do laundry but you can have a great variety of outfits if you’re traveling for 2-3 weeks.
The Classic list I only used once when I went on a vacation which included a wedding and I had to bring extra clothes for that. It is also a great way of to start packing less.

I want to know from you: How are your packing skills? Are you a “bring all, do all person”? Or are you super minimalist only bringing carry-on? Let’s get this conversation going in the comments below.

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