the art of sitting still

The art of sitting still

Posted: 3. August 2018 by Ramona

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Yesterday I wrote about how important the art of sitting still is in order to dream because if we’re constantly busy busy busy we actually have no margin to dream.

the art of sitting stillWell, let me also say that sitting still for me is one of the hardest things to do because I am so easily distracted. When I go out to eat with friends I always choose the seat that faces the wall to make it easier for me to focus.
I always admired my mother who in my mind has totally mastered the art of sitting still. She can just sit in her favorite chair for a very long time and watch the light change outside. It is truly amazing.

So about a year ago I realized I really wanted that too. I wanted to be able to just sit and watch the clouds go by. I wanted to be able to sit and think and pray.

But I didn’t try to force it. Whenever I had a moment I would just take it and sit there. Fight the urge to reach for my phone or read or walk around or jump up to fetch something every few seconds (literally story of my life).

I really wish I could tell you that I’m super good at it now but I am really not. But I have gotten better with time.

Here’s a few things which help me get better at the art of sitting still
– I have to get away from all distractions
– I don’t pressure myself if I can’t focus
– Being surrounded by nature or pretty things definitely helps. You could find a spot on a hill somewhere or if you live close by the sea you just won the check pot. What’s better than looking out on water?

I believe in the end it is first and foremost about creating margin, space and time and allowing yourself to do nothing. If you can do that everything else will work out too.

And if I can sit still and just think and do nothing then you definitely can. Can I encourage you to try it out today? How did it work out? I really want to know so maybe I can learn to get better at it yet.

Much love



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