7 things to do by yourself this summer

Posted: 2. August 2018 by Ramona

Over the last couple of years I was able to learn to do and enjoy more things by myself. I`ll be honest, it is something we have to learn. So I put together a list of 7 things to do by yourself this summer. They are easy, cheap and a good start to spending time alone.

7 things to do by yourself this summer

7 things to do by yourself this summer

1. Go on a bike ride.

I love biking by myself. It helps me think and process. I want to encourage you to grab your bike this summer and just head out and enjoying the constant movement.

2. Explore your city like a tourist.

Grab a camera and head into your city like you were a tourist. Find fun attactions, take pictures. Get some ice-cream, have some coffee and see everything through fresh eyes.

3. Take a road trip by yourself

There is something about driving with the windows down, good music and no particular place to be. Let`s just head out, turn up the volume and go. Take turns wherever you want to, stop and take pictures where it`s pretty. You could even have a picnic. That would also be an awesome thing to do by yourself this summer.

4. Watch a movie outside

This is something I absolutely LOVE doing. Whether you go to a local outdoor movie showing (they are in most cities in the summer) or you just grab your laptop and sit outside with a blanket.

5. Look into the stars

This is probably the easiest thing to do by yourself. Grab a blanket, a chair what have you and head out as the sun sets. Look up and dream. Be grateful. Live in the moment.

6. Throw a bbq for yourself

I am not kidding. Do it! It is so much fun. Buy whatever food you like and want to grill. Put on some music and enjoy the process of grilling your own food and then savor it with every bite. It is amazing.

7. Read a good book

This Is pretty self explanatory. Get a good novel and sit or lay down and get lost in a story.


Well friends, I hope these 7 things to do by yourself this summer got you inspired. Maybe you have some ideas yourself. Let`s get the conversation going in the comments.



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