how to throw and easy bbq

How to throw an easy BBQ

Posted: 2. August 2018 by Ramona

Is there anything better than having friends over and eat together? Especially in the summer when it`s warm and the days are long. I just recently had some friends over for a fun bbq in my backyard and thought I would share with you how to throw an easy bbq. Because having friends over for dinner should not be hard or overwhelming.

how to throw an easy bbqI think there is a few things to remember whenever you´re having friends over and will really make it a lot easier for you:

  • scheduling your time
  • setting the mood
  • enjoying the moment

How to throw and easy bbqScheduling out your time will help you so much to enjoy and relax when your friends arrive. I usually think about when I want to be ready and then calculate backwards to know when I need to start preparing things.

Set up the table ahead of time. You can go as fancy as you want but when you`re throwing a bbq I would suggest keeping it simple and easygoing. If you want to put on some fresh flowers, do that, turn on the candles as it darkens outside and turn on the music. If you don`t know what music to play you can head over to my spotify for a playlist specifically for heating up the grill.

how to throw an easy bbqAnd lastly, please don’t stress out. Enjoy the moment with your friends, have good conversations and be there with them.

how to throw and easy bbqhow to throw and easy bbqI love how we do it in Germany where we just send out a group text, invite everybody over. Then everyone brings their own meat, fish or cheese and salads, bread and deserts. It’s the easiest kind of gathering ever. And it happens all summer long. No need to do it all by yourself. You could also have a Ping-Pong or badminton rackets there so people could play while the meat is grilling.

how to throw and easy bbqhow to throw and easy bbqHappy bbq season, friends. I hope this helped you in how to throw and easy bbq. Let me know in the comments below.



how to throw and easy bbq

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