How to be single in your 30s

How to be single in your 30s

Posted: 2. August 2018 by Ramona

As you might have found out already I am in my 30s and still single. I have never been married or engaged or even come close.
But I love my life and I don´t sit at home sulking in the fact that I have not „made“ it. As a matter of fact I actually enjoy being single in my 30s. Not all the time and not in every moment, but most of the time. That is why I want to share with you how to be single in your 30s.


How to be single in your 30sSo these tips on being single in your 30s are really for all age groups. And they start with our mindset about the whole subject. The way we perceive it will determine the way we feel about it.
We first have to understand that being married is not a destination we need to reach. It is also not the moment our life starts. Our life already happens here and now. So live it. Enjoy it. Make the most out of it. You are a beautiful, marvelous being with a calling and purpose here on earth and being single might actually give you an advantage in the season you’re in right now because your passion, dreams and goals are not depended on another person.

So once you have changed your mindset there are a few things which can actually help us and make being single a little bit easier.

How to be single in your 30s:

Protect your mind and therefore you emotions

I firmly believe that we must protect our mind and we do that by controlling what goes into your mind. Friend, all the romantic comedies and dramas and romance novels can if you`re not careful pollute your mind and make you desire something which isn`t even real. I personally can`t watch all the romantic movies. I carefully select and take them in small portions.

Surround yourself with good friends

We are not meant to go alone through life. That is a fact but as a single you do not have to be alone. Do you have good friends, honest friends?

Find out what you’re passionate about

That passion will fuel your purpose. Pursue it and go after it and change your personal world. When you do that you won`t have time to sit around being sad that you`re single and actually make a difference.

Well that`s it for now on how to be single in your 30s. I would love to read your comments on how you are dealing with being single and what your tips you have.



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